Wednesday, 18 January 2012

mediterranean halloumi salad

Tonight I really should make the shepherd's pie with kale mash I'd mentally scheduled, (and had been thinking about for pretty much most of the day), but by the time I'd dragged myself out of Milo's bed I really could not be cracked.

This sleepiness is mostly due to an afternoon spent tasting Sancerre in a basement at the RSA, stood next to Oz Clarke in fact - he's got a very deep voice btw - followed by a trip to Lord's for some more French wine.

Whilst I learned a lot about Sancerre, as well as discovering an amazing Chiroubles, this has come at the cost of any sort of gumption, so once again it's a post-tasting edition of Ana's favourite halloumi-based salad:

Brenda I think I've finally managed to nail the key to admittedly not my favourite salad. The trick is to leave the tomatoes out for a couple of days so they don't taste of the fridge and have less structure to the flesh, and to pretty much drain the peppers from Sainsbury's poisonous sunflower oil. Crusty bread with butter would probably help, as would a pint. Or two.

As I say, not my favourite but a definite improvement, and at least it meant I didn't have to watch DIY SOS/One Born Every Minute which I notice you all watching via Facebook.

mediterranean halloumi salad - Delicious, June 2010, p24

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