Monday, 23 January 2012

hugh fearnley-whittingstall's pinto bean chilli

Wooh yeah! Can you feel the burn - woooh yeah! There are chest bumps all round tonight as we both totally smash some PBs, spot each other pumping 100K, hit the 'roids and other exercise-related cliches indicating we've either run somewhere, done some sit-ups, or both, and are now quite red-faced and feeling a bit faint and giddy. Still, MICROFOCUS, raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!

Anyway, post-knocking out 1000 reps we've gone all experimental tonight with what turns out to be the BEST vegetarian chilli either of us have tried. And Ana actually was a vegetarian once, about 20 years ago, and that's all vegetarians ever ate!

Naturally it comes from the H-Dog's veg book, and manages to combine a healthy laissez faire attitude to ingredients and complexity (just stick in whatever's currently in season, and cook with pinto beans), with maximum flavour.

To be honest, I made it slightly too soupy tonight, and it could've done with some wraps to go with the guacamole/salad/grated cheese accompaniments. However, in terms of flavour-delivered-to-time-spent-pfaffing, it's streets ahead of Simon Rimmer's admittedly quite-tasty white bean chilli, and not having rice makes for a good change.

pinto bean chilli - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, River Cottage Veg Everyday! p23

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