Thursday, 26 January 2012

spiced chicken and lentil soup

Hmmm, experimental warm beetroot and squash salad guaranteed to annoy Mrs Barnes or experimental chicken and lentil soup guaranteed not to annoy Mrs Barnes? Choices choices...

Ultimately it's soup, and not just because I don't fancy sleeping next to the world's biggest chastity belt that tuts every five minutes for the next 12 months, but because the chicken is closer to going off than the beetroot and pomegranate. Yes, I said beetroot and pomegranate.

Anyway, chicken and lentil soup. I was a bit sceptical whilst it was bubbling away because it looked a bit thin in flavour, being mainly carrot, lentil and leek (we didn't have celery), and having only one chicken breast I though it just wouldn't fill us up. But I was pleasantly surprised!*

It was really earthy from the cardamon pods and ginger, and hale from the lentils. It could've done with some more juice in mind, and maybe next time I'll add some peppers and chopped cherry tomatoes? Delicioso.

* Well, partly because I've been craving one all day, I still managed to squeeze in a post-soup cheese and tomato sandwich. Don't follow my lead though, I'm an oaf.

spiced chicken and lentil soup - Waitrose Kitchen - January 2012, p89

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