Saturday, 21 January 2012

rick stein's shepherd's pie, as cooked in India

Today is not my greatest day by quite some measure.

We're late up, I'm late going shopping with Milo which makes him late for ballet practise and me late for rugby. In fact I'm only just in time for kick-off against Esher Vets, whereupon I'm pretty much late for all my tackling appointments, only just making it on time to be hit repeatedly hard by this chap breaking off the back of the scrum. Luckily for us all Tracy Chapman was so late she didn't appear at all, otherwise that would've been really annoying as there's nothing worse than being slowly pummeled to the acoustic strains of Cleveland's biggest export.

Naturally I'm late home, but this time I'm forearmed and manage to scoff some chicken casserole before I go, leaving much full-enough to contemplate creating the glory that is Rick Stein's Shepherd's Pie as cooked in India:

Not only is it full of a rich, juicy and tangy lamb-filling (not forgetting the top tip of draining the fat off the meat halfway through), I also go slightly off-menu and make kale mash to up the veg quotient. And the best part is not only is there loads to go in the freezer, nobody notices the finely sliced, much-disputed brassica - winner!

I really must try one of his fish dishes at some point.

shepherd's pie as cooked in India - Rick Stein, Delicious circa 2005 and now in the Skull Recipe book

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