Friday, 6 January 2012

simon hopkinson's tomato curry

With a New Year comes a new start and all that jazz, and we're no different at work, and our much-feared new regime began in earnest today. With a 20 wine taste challenge against one of our competitors wines*.

I know, I know, it's a tough job, but together we pulled through and at the end of our afternoon ordeal we were pretty blinking pleased. Okay, so they had a few wines which caught the eye, particularly a Claret, and a massively tropical Sauvignon Blanc from Chile, but pretty much across the board I think we the more interesting, full-flavoured wines.

With our brave work done, I manage to stumble home with a bag full of samples to entertain the in-laws, who are up for some Milo rustling. Handily the booze also takes their minds off the cack-handed, blundering knife-skills being exhibited in front of them.

Narrowly avoiding losing the odd limb, and not succumbing to a take away, I have just enough co-ordination and ingredients in the fridge to make us all a curry.

This time I avoid the usual balancing act of the need for heat versus Kayosaurus' need for no-heat by getting her to choose her own enemy. As it turns out she chooses the wrong chillies, and her dinner comes with a whacking great helping of yoghurt, as that's all we've got by-way-of creme fraiche alternatives. Still, it was very nice for the rest of us who prefer our curry with slightly less vanilla essence...

*Yes Greg, I'm talking about The Wine Society

tomato curry - Simon Hopkinson, Delicious, November 2007, p86

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