Sunday, 15 January 2012

delia smith's lime chicken curry

There's an unhappy person in the flat today, somebody who possibly had a leetle bit too much to drink at the New Stepping Stones parents drinks last night. Consequently the menfolk had to decamp to Brentford fountains for a splash, whilst Ana reflected on her evening whilst camped in bed.

We finally drag ourselves out to Richmond en famile so speccy Ana Barnes can get her eyes tested (and consequently buy some x-rays), and even manage to squeeze in a quick reviving frothy coffee and Black Forest Gateau at Patisserie Valerie. Tea Box was closed *sigh*.

Spirits are further revived with a hearty bowl of Delia's Lime Chicken Curry...

...and the Sherlock finale - Yay! Although Boo, because it's finished. But Conan Doyle revived him - Yay! But it's work tomorrow - Boo! This could go on.

lime chicken curry - Delia, How to Cook Book Two, p107

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