Sunday, 8 January 2012

valli little's hearty vegetable pie

Pancakes for breakfast, and now only eight days in to the New Year, it's time to welcome the first pie of 2012, and not before time too if you ask me.

It's not that it's been cold enough recently for big old hearty pie (or stew for that matter), but given the age of austerity we're all enjoying, and the fact you need to use any veg bought from Sainsbury's tout suite before they become useless - what is it with their fresh stuff? Anyway, it seems the sensible option, and I get to use my new potato masher - which is BRILLIANT!

All this practicality doesn't take into account my divine family though, one of whom decides he doesn't like peas/potato/carrots/broccoli/kale (which left only the lentils), and the other only pretended to like it for previously-stated reasons. Apparently the home-made pesto makes it taste funny. Imagine living in SW14 and complaining about homemade pesto? Honestly!

hearty vegetable pie - valli little, Delicious, January 2007, Parsley Book

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