Monday, 12 December 2011

moroccan-spiced chickpea cakes

It's the beginning of the week, we're all knackered, I've run home in a howling gale, and Milo's had to have a tooth pulled, so what else would you do but attempt to make an experimental, salad-y meal? Particularly one seemingly designed to almost definitely not be Mikelodocus-friendly, and be at least two chickpea cakes too small for a fully satisfying meal?

The are very much like Jill Dupleix's Polpettine, although obviously slightly spicier and a little bit easier to craft. Definitely having again, and definitely doubling the quantities. Incidentally, I think if you made the cakes walnut-sized, they'd be perfect for Festive amuse bouches. I'm here to help.... sort of.

moroccan-spiced chickpea cakes - Waitrose Kitchen, November 2011, p103


  1. swiftly added to next weeks menu. Don't mind if I do.... :)

  2. Deffo double up the ingredients Luc, otherwise Dave will starve