Saturday, 21 May 2011

peter gordon's puy lentil, avocado, green bean and baby gem salad & bill granger's chick pea and tomato soup with chorizo

Sometimes I don't know how Ana copes with looking after Milo all day, it's knackering. Not that he wasn't an amazingly good boy today, really funny and good, but jeez louise I did not stop from the time he got up until he finally collapsed.

Whilst Ana had a tactical hair appointment, taking up most of the day, we cycled to the post office to pick up some parcels. As we were there it seemed rude not to play in Mortlake playground for an hour or so, before cycling back and then going to Brentford Fountains for an hours swimming, diving off the side, and playing total wipeout on the big floats. Only managing to lure him out with the promise of an ice cream, we eventually got home for a late, late lunch - Peter Gordon's puy lentil, avocado, green bean and baby gem salad:

There was a lot riding on this, given our current fixation with the Salad book, doubly so as this was the recipe which finally convinced us to give it the book a chance, but sadly it didn't quite deliver. Fair enough I forgot the sage, and the lentils were still a little warm because we were starving, but it just didn't have as much oompf as the other recipes we've tried. It's particularly odd as it's got pomegranate molasses in, which are really umami. I'll see what two days in the fridge does for the flavours at work on Monday.

Still, it gave us the energy to get an ice cream on the walk to The Treehouse, have a pint (or two) in the baking sun, and eventually get Milo's dinner. With him asleep, we get to have some warming soup whilst watching Wallander on BBC4...

It's perfect - hearty, spicy and filling - which is just as well as I'm clearly not used to daddy care and am suffering...

Food of the Milos (and Ana and Russell)
Breakfast: Porridge all round, with some toast;
Lunch: We had the lentil salad, he was fuelled by post-swimming snacks and crisps, and a plate of spaghetti with veggie sauce;
Dinner: Sausages, chips and broccoli at the pub for him, soup for ice. Incidentally, has anybody tried Lindt's chocolate with sea salt? It's totally dreamy...

puy lentil, avocado, green bean and baby gem salad - Peter Gordon, Salads: The New Main Course, p48
chick pea and tomato soup with chorizo and green chilli - Bill Granger, Delicious, February 2008 p68 


  1. I don't think I like the idea of a salad with lentils in it? Hmmm. I just can't imagine their earthiness working with the crispness of the lettuce or the creaminess of the avo. Anyway, enough about that, I can't be talking about salads anymore, its bloody freezing here. Lindt with sea salt? Nope... might have to try it. Ron has been whinging that our house is all rice crackers and yogurt and not chocolate and ice-cream lately!

  2. It was odd, and it did work strangely - the creamy avo and the lentils sit quite nicely together. I still wonder whether the sage would've made any difference, but I'm not sure the lettuce or the green beans were necessary.

    I'm telling you, sea salt and chocolate are the best. A bit like Burnt Sugar's Sea Salt fudge... mmmm!

  3. mmmmm fudge. I have been on a cooking spree lately, roasts with all the trimmings, sausage stew, lamb shanks, salmon quiche. I am so in love with Maggie Beer's sour cream pastry, going to make a custard tart today or tomorrow using it... YUM.