Wednesday, 4 May 2011

peter gordon's warm pea, broad bean, fennel and herb roasted sweet potato salad

Experimentation ahoy! Months and months ago Brenda gave us a Peter Gordon recipe book called Salads: The New Main Course, which looks quite dry and therefore has never been used. Until this week that is, as we're scrabbling around for new salad dishes to augment the usual Mediterranean/Mozzarella, Peach and Ham/Rice and Chicken and Sesame Chicken salad axis.

However whilst relatively simple to make, this dish is a little bit pfaffy, all of which equates to demi-high levels of stress in the kitchen.

Despite my unjustified high horsing it turns out pretty well, and completely not what I'd expected. I thought the fennel and lemon juice would totally overwhelm the peas and broad beans, but in fact the combination of herby roast sweet potato goes really well with the parmesan and beans, and the fennel and lemon only come through later.

It's a keeper I think, and I think it'll be better next time as we're coming into the season and we can have fresh, podded beans rather than the canned variety I got this time. It's probably worth getting some frozen as well, so we can have it any time.

Food of the Milos
Breakfast: Choc Krispies, toast and butter;
Lunch: Chicken and veg, cake and two yoghurts. Why won't he eat yoghurts at home, but eats loads at Julia's?
Dinner: Veg bolognese

warm pea, broad bean, fennel and herb roasted sweet potato salad with parmesan dressing - Peter Gordon, Salads: The New Main Course, p45

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