Tuesday, 10 May 2011

peter gordon's yellow courgette, chickpea, red onion, chilli, watercress and feta salad

How pretty is this?

The recipe calls for yellow courgettes, which I've planted and have finally sprouted, but I couldn't wait another month or so until they'd grown, flowered and produced fruit, so we had it with normal green ones instead.

Like the pea, broad bean, fennel and roasted sweet potato salad last week, this was totally not what I expected - but in a completely good way.

First up, it was really easy to make. Seriously, dead quick - I had it all done within about 20 minutes. The courgette, onion, chilli and feta mixture has a moreish curry quality which is quite earthy, and very filling. The courgettes were most surprising thing, particularly as I don't like courgettes. Well I don't hate them, they're just a bit boring, but thinly sliced and blanched in salted water for 30 seconds tops, they become sort of courgette tagliatelle, and are quite delicate. All in all, double yum!

Food of the Milos
Gymnastics, walks in Richmond Park and a visit from Kiki and Finn - it's a busy old day for Ana and Milo today. He also drunk about 10 litres of elderflower and apple juice.
Breakfast: An apple, cheese and toast (which he decided he didn't like as it had "nuts" in, so Ana had to eat it. However he ate the same bread in sandwiches later - ha!), and a boiled egg before gymnastics;
Lunch: A Gingerbread teddy bear post-gymnastics, ham sandwiches and a fruit ice lolly. Snacks and an orange Calipo in Richmond Park;
Dinner: Sausages, broccoli, mini-sweetcorn, and cherry tomatoes for dinner with Finn, who had fish fingers.

yellow courgette, chickpea, red onion, chilli, watercress and feta salad - Peter Gordon, Salads: The New Main Course, p56

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