Monday, 23 May 2011

ottolenghi's roast chicken and three-rice salad

You know the only reason we have roast chicken these days, is so we can have ottolenghi's chicken and rice salad the next day? Tonight team work makes the dream work (© B White), though as whilst I'm reading stories and snuggling up with Milo, Ana's cooking the rice.

However, her input means she's more-then-usually keen-eyed and spots the slightly gelatinous cold chicken gravy in the salad, which causes some concern. Usually it melts into lovely juice as the rice warms up, but due to snuggling/story duties, it's a bit too cold to do it's usual work. Still, it's bladdy delish, and Gelatinous Chicken Juice Gate means I've got loads for lunch tomorrow.

Incidentally, inspired by Brenda's impassioned defence of his new book, I've reappraised the recipes in Delicious, and I'm definitely going to give the cucumber and poppy seed salad a go, and possibly the chargrilled asparagus, courgettes and manouri (whatever that is).

Ash cloud permitting - 4 sleeps and counting until TimBit Mountain

yotam ottolenghi's roast chicken and three-rice salad - Delicious, July 2008, p64

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