Wednesday, 18 May 2011

cheesy gnocchi with parma ham

Does anybody else have blind spots for things in magazines? My particular one in Delicious is the Assembly Chef section. I don't count A Webb's history of whatever, because I actively avoid those, but Assembly Chef is just meh, and therefore below my contempt/interest.

But, if ever I need to justify this ennui to it I can now simply come back to this dish - an experimental cheesy gnocchi, with parma ham and antipasti:

It was okay *at best* but could've been so much better. However what with the antipasti and it's oil, and lightly oiling the casserole, and melting mozzarella over the top, it just became a greasy, clagfest, and gnocchi doesn't need any extra clag. One to avoid.

cheesy gnocchi with parma ham - Delicious, June 2011, p29

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