Wednesday, 11 May 2011

bill granger's poached salmon and orzo salad

What to do with the remaining whale-like portion of home-made gravlaks Hannae brought over? There's only so much salmon and rye bread snacks and scrambled egg and salmon-based breakfasts one can have over a couple of weeks, so we go for broke and try and use the entirety up in Billy G's poached salmon and orzo salad:

I fear it was only mildly successful. You can only slice the salmon so thinly, and even then it's too smokey and oily for the rest of the salad.

Food of the Milos
A hearty day of being witches and watching Calamity Jane strangely did not begat a raging hunger:
Breakfast: Porridge, honey and toast;
Lunch: Chicken and veg, custard;

poached salmon and orzo salad - Bill Granger, Holiday, p14


  1. I am watching Bill's tasty weekends in the UK at the moment, it makes me homesick. Also I can't believe Bill isn't gay, seriously?

  2. Ha I know! Me and Ana's dad - who normally would never laugh at such things - completely broke down a couple of years ago when we were watching a Bill episode. He was making some sort of fruit salad in the shape of Sydney Opera House, and without a flicker, picked up a massive pepper grinder and said "I love a big tool in my hand in the kitchen".

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