Sunday, 22 May 2011

roast chicken and salad

Ooooh, I'm definitely suffering with a massive case of man flu, which as we know is the worst sort of flu there is. I'm all bunged up, and my head hurts, all of which gives Ana yet another reason not to hold my hand in public just in case she gets it, and our whole holiday is ruined.

Still, it's a fairly nice, if blustery day of activity. We do a massive round trip of tip-Kew Retail Centre-Waitrose, and get back in time for some minor tidying, and getting the chicken in the oven before today's guest, Mr Peter M Leary, puts in an appearance.

 Not only that, we manage to sit outside in the garden for dinner, with only minor trips inside to watch The Gruffalo, change the DVD, put the Cbeebies Panto on etc. Minor carping aside, he's been brilliant this weekend, the best boy ever.

Food of the Milos (and Ana and Russell)
Breakfast: Nibbles, followed by his new post-nibbles-pre-breakfast snack, an ice lolly. We then all have some very unsuccessful poached eggs. They were new eggs from the shop, so I can only either assume a) they were old there, or b) my pan was too big;
Late Lunch/Dinner: Roast chicken, with salad and our new crack, potato and rosemary sourdough bread from Gail's Bakery. This was supplemented by two bags of Tyrells and plenty of wine.

Am now officially excited about Canada. I don't know what to have first, TimBits or Wings? Or both? 5 sleeps to go and then we'll find out...

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