Thursday, 5 May 2011

feta and mint tabbouleh with crispy chorizo

Despite the jolly blue spoon-wooden spoon-green bowl vibe in the image, I've got a right cob-on by the time I get home today. There are a number of possible reasons (Milo waking up in the night, having a pint with the boss at lunchtime, annoying people on the roads) but none I can categorically pin the blame on.

By the time I get home, Ana's halfway out of the door on her way to Nursery Book Club and I'm less-than-inspired to cook anything. Or indeed watch anything, listen to anything or read anything. All I'm good for is knocking up enough salad for two plates tonight (for me) and lunch for all tomorrow:

(Not really) Interesting aside: This time I made it, at Ana's insistence, with cous cous. Not that she ate it, when she returned, drunk, at midnight, which wasn't bad given she hadn't actually finished the book, and didn't want to go.

Food of the Milos
Breakfast: We're up late today, so he only had milk before nursery, and then really eat anything at Julia's - some porridge and a cracker with some pate;
Lunch: Fish Pie (although he didn't eat the peas), followed by custard;
Dinner: Tonight Ana gets creative and the two of them make Leon's chicken nuggets, mini broccoli and sweetcorn. It's a massive success!

feta and mint tabbouleh with crispy chorizo - Delicious, May 2011, p23
chicken nuggets - Leon: Naturally Fast Food, p168

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