Saturday, 7 May 2011

chez mcpartlin

Having been an awful wife last year and forgetting to celebrate Greg's 40th birthday, this weekend we're heading to Stalbans for a belated-big-four-oh-on-time-forty-first birthday party.

With the shindig in mind, myself and Milo head out early doors to get Greggy a present and Ana goes to Zumba to get into shape before the influx of McPartlin-supplied carbohydrates.

The kids have a fantastic time running around the garden, however the birthday boy isn't in such good form suffering, as he is, from an attack of his rare broccoli-induced gout. It doesn't stop him hobbling around the kitchen cooking a fantastic meal though, which is just as well as Ana and Amanda weren't helping, they were in the lounge drinking fizzy wine and reading Hello!/OK!

For dinner we had really nice tomato, anchovy and celery salad with crusty bread, followed by saffron-poached fish, with parmesan and tomato baked aubergine, and then a really dense almond tart. And loads of Amaretto, small cups of coffee and more wine.

It was a most felicitous evening although if I could change one thing, it would be we never play shithead again, if only so I never have to see smugness like this again:

Food of the Milos
Brunch: The usual Saturday morning nibbles, followed by scrambled eggs with some of Hannae's dad's Gravadlax, on toast. Swingeing cuts, what swingeing cuts?
Dinner: Amanda and Hop-Along Greg cooked up a fine feast of sausages, mash and beans, which was accompanied by much small boy foolishness.


  1. Sounds like lots of fun, love the menus, seriously impressed with the quality of food you lot are producing for your social occasions lately. What happened to litres of beer and a curry? Gosh, we are all grown-up!

  2. This was the post I wrote lots of witty things on about how different things are now with all the posh cooking and fizzy wine. What happened to the good old days were we all got drunk in the pub and then had a curry!! (oh right, children!)

  3. I promise you, I saw it! I think it's more the cashflow issues children create, which means you (well certainly us) start using a formula along the lines of "Having a take away = not being able to afford booze". Getting people over is always easier, and nicer, and cheaper because you don't need to pay a baby sitter. No hang-on, we're back to kids...