Thursday, 12 May 2011

donna hay's pasta with cherry tomato sauce

Even colder cold, smokey and oily gravlaks and pasta salad does not a divine lunch make. Double urghs all round! Still, it is another lovely day, and I'm demi-inspired by our burgeoning tomato plants to fire up Donna Hay's classic pasta with cherry tomato sauce. There's not enough for Milo's dinner tomorrow though. Oh dear, how sad.

With dinner rather swiftly out of the way - ahh the delights of eating at the table, the conversazione! The rose! - I spend the rest of the evening soaking borlotti beans. Jazzy!

Food of the Milos
More witchery today AND Little Kickers, but still curiously little appetite. The usual snacks apply.
Breakfast: Porridge and honey, toast;
Lunch: Pasta with veg and tomato sauce, banana and chocolate mousse;
Dinner: Sausages, spaghetti in tomato sauce.

pasta with cherry tomato sauce - Donna Hay, Instant Cook, p58


  1. I think Blogger ate all my comments last week. Bugger. Oh well, just imagine I said lots of really witty and funny things on lots of your posts.

  2. I take that as read! Actually I saw them beforehand but yes, it all fell over the other day and seems to have removed the most recent comments.

    *shakes fist*