Tuesday, 1 January 2013

squash and cumin soup with thyme and chorizo

One day into 2013 and already we're being (relatively) healthy. Admittedly we had spent the morning lolling around the lounge with the McPartlins, battling terrible hangovers with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and scrambled eggs and marmite on toast, before joining the rest of South West London trying to blow away the cobwebs with a hearty walk around Richmond Park.

So what better reward than a hale and hearty soup ticking away on the hob whilst we watch festive animated films, and Ana slept? Naturally we did keep our spirits up with some Christmas chocolate biscuits, but apparently I'm taking them into the office this week, so expect massive weight loss soon.

Anyway, the soup: It was interesting in a good way I think. Certainly roasting it with thyme, and gently frying the onions and garlic with cumin and coriander, gave it a bit of warming oompf, but it also had a sweetness to it, a bit like carrot and coriander soup which is one of my least favourite flavours. Ultimately I think it loses out to Hugh's roast pumpkin soup, which is just delicious - although I will be stealing the herb addition, and chorizo topping.

squash and cumin soup with thyme and chorizo - Delicious, March 2010, p40

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