Friday, 18 January 2013

nigella's curly-edged pasta with lamb ragu

Oooh looky - another sort-of-experimental-dish-that-now-counts-as-experimental-because-Ana-never-previously-cooked-it. I wonder if I should create 'David Irving' tag? Oh look snow!

Actually, "Look, snow!" because today it's not only flipping freezing, but it's actually properly snowing. All of this means I need something in the line of molten magma to warm up my frozen bones tonight.

When Ana didn't cook this two or three times previously, I didn't remember it being brilliantly cockle-warming in any way, so it seemed perfect to try for the first time tonight. This is tiring isn't it? I'll stop.

It's a Nigella classic: Quick, simple, filling and packed with loads of different flavours, particularly chili and fruitiness from the red currant jelly. It's bloody brilliant, although word to the wise, frozen mince doesn't work as well as fresh.

Wine Time
This is simple as, for two reasons:
1. Lamb is fatty and strongly flavoured, so you need something acidic and bold;
2. The red currant jelly dominates, so you need something with some residual sugar.

So I'd go for either a Rioja, either a young or New Wave vintage-labelled one which is all about the fruit, with some sweet spices, or a New World Pinot Noir, which is all about fruit with some residual sugar. Boom.

curly-edged pasta with lamb ragu - Nigella, Nigelissima, serialised in Delicious, November 2012, p22


  1. May I just say, your food pics are really rather good these days!

  2. Sadly this is one of Ana's fine shots. Well, I say 'sadly', she's the best of course...