Thursday, 24 January 2013

donna hay's pasta with cherry tomato sauce

To be honest, there's not much to see here tonight.

It's Book Club, so Ana's out, we've emptied the fridge and whatever it is I am going to cook has to solve the twin dilemmas of being made at half-eight after snuggling with Milo, and make use of limited ingredients.

Luckily what we do have - seemingly a mountain of cherry tomatoes - lends itself very well to Donna Hay's by-now-classic pasta dish, which being fairly quick to make, answers very well to both points.

Wine Time
There's no getting away from the fact tomatoes are very acidic, and slightly, let's say 'ripe' cherry tomatoes also tend to sweetness. If I hadn't spent all night drinking left-over Sauvignon, I'd be professional tempted to go with a light, fresh red, probably Northern Italian or a fruity Spanish table wine. Essentially you don't want anything with oak or huge tannins, but it needs plenty of fruit which lends sweetness and acidity.

Out of our wines I'd go with Sierra de Siles Tinto, or our House Wine - see, wine doesn't have to be pricey to be good.

pasta with cherry tomato sauce - Donna Hay, Instant Cook, p58

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