Sunday, 27 January 2013

angela boggiano's spinach and parmesan meatballs

Like most people, whilst trying to conform to the Good Life dream (especially if Margot wafts by in a kaftan) of buying our food locally and within reason, in season, I'm as susceptible as anybody to a meat-based BOGOF: Three packs of meat for a tenner is the sort of catnip guaranteed to see me turfing Milo out of the trolley in favour of kilos of mince.

This is probably going to be a bad thing in the long term, particularly if what I've picked up turns out to be 100% horse, as we really shouldn't be encouraged to see meat as some sort of staple, if only for the welfare of said animals. On the other hand, I did get a lot of beefy goodness. That's a middle class quandary if ever I saw one.

Anyway some of the meat gets put to immediate use, and offset with some farmer's market spinach, to reencourageise Milo back into the kitchen after last night's mussel disaster. Meatballs are perfect fodder for him, as not only can you blitz up as much veg as you want in the sauce (tonight carrots, leftover broccoli, celery and some green beans), their construction involves a child-friendly amount of squidginess.

spinach and parmesan meatballs - Angela Boggiano, Delicious, December 2007, p46

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