Thursday, 10 January 2013

aloo tikka

After last night's long faces in the fasting part of the house, tonight we're all about filling up empty stomachs with as much 'healthy' stodge as possible, whilst using up more bits from the fridge.

As it turns out the pantry is in more need of emptying as the bags of potatoes seem to be multiplying quicker than they can sprout eyes, as are jars of my mum's homemade chutney. Not that she's sprouting extra eyes of course, but I think the point stands.

Anyway, with a bag of almost sad-looking salad, a lonely advocado and some cherry tomatoes looking for friends in the fridge, we're good to go with almost entirely free meal - and with a couple of cakes left over for lunch for both of us tomorrow!

Over and above my mum's spicy tomato chutney which is always ace, two other things make tonight's a better-than-usual installment of Aloo Tikka: As Milo isn't having any, I added a chili to the potato cake mixture which gives them a nice bite, but even better is the bottle of Spiced Fig & Chili Balsamic dip/dressing Kayosaurus gave me for Christmas. God the Isle of Wight is good!

Wine Time
Stodgy cakes, spices, and acidic chutney and salad? It's got to be a Sauvignon hasn't it, and probably a New World one at that, with all it's lovely tropical flavours to go with the fig and spices. If you fancy something fleshier, a South African Chenin would do all the above but with less acidity.

aloo tikki - Observer Food Monthly, Parsley Book


  1. I love everything about this post, the potato cakes, the spicy tomatoe chutney, recipe please! The mention of new world sav blancs and especially the south African chenin blanc, sigh, makes me so homesick for my parents place. Can't believe we are back in Sydney already!

  2. You're back - yay! How was the mighty Jo'burg, how were the parentals, and how are you lot?

    I'll have to ask my mum for the chutney recipe, but consider the potato cakes one done. I also have an email coming your way - ooooooh!

  3. We had SUCH a great holiday, my folks are super well, the girls swam everyday and played racing tracks on the tennis court for hours. God it was good to be home! Sucks a little being back actually. Sigh. Excellent news about the email, bring it on, let's get better at staying in touch ok? Lots of love to the Mrs and the little Master! X