Thursday, 31 January 2013

chorizo, pea and lemon cous cous

It's another super-Ana Louise cooking night tonight as I actually *am* out tonight, and I'm more-than delighted to stumble drunkenly home to find a formerly-steaming pile of cous cous, shot through with spicy chorizo, lemon zest, basil and peas.

This is actually entirely an Ana Louise dish as she dug it out of Delicious and cooked it lots before Christmas (which I promise to catch-up with). It's really punchy, with loads of big old badgers lurking amongst the cous cous, in which the lemon gives the illusion of healthy good times. You can also throw in some cherry tomatoes into the mixer if you've got some forlornly kicking around the fridge - delicious!

wine time
Lemon and basil say to me you want something acidic and aromatic, so I reckon a good Soave would nail this to the floor. You've also got the chorizo which needs something drier, with more body, so maybe rosé? Take your pick, I think they'd both work a treat.

chorizo, pea and lemon cous cous - Delicious, October 2012, p28

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  1. I definitely need a vagueish recipe for this as I have 2kgs of couscous that I bought at Costco as part of my budget drive and I have a chorizo lurking in the back of my fridge.... Also, will email you about what you emailed me about. The answer is yes!