Friday, 25 January 2013

Date Night: Mango & Silk

Here's something slightly different. One of our resolutions this year was to have a monthly 'date night' where we do something that doesn't involve bickering about the washing up or discussing DIY projects.

*Obvs* we're not going go out every month but we'd thought we'd kick off by going for dinner, because we're ker-azy youths, and not middle-aged parents living in South West London.

So, having coerced lovely Lucy to babysit with the offer of non-carb-non-alcohol soup and as much wine/broadband as she could handle, we head out to the bright lights of Sheen (you can go too far in case him indoors wakes up), to discover... ...Sheen doesn't have an awful lot of restaurants really.

After dithering outside of Lofty Turtle whose menu looked great, but was packed with herds of other almost-40-somethings having their own date nights, so we ended up at the other end of the high street for a curry in Mango & Spice.

The chef comes with some pedigree, and I've heard it's part of the new wave of Indian restaurants: All sleek lines and modern interpretations. It almost nails the modern British Curry vibe, yet still manages a modicum of flock material, but the food was pretty good meal and service was really friendly.

We shared a Samosa Chaat starter, which was fruity-hot and moreish, followed by Tandoori Chicken for her and Kozhi Vartha for me, plus the usual dhal paraphenalia. I think I won the battle of the mains, particularly as my unctuous, meaty gravy was perfect for a cold night.

Portions weren't huge, and strangely neither was the menu, but the food was well presented and well-cooked. Overall, I'd say it was pretty good, and we'll be going back post Canada (woot!) if only because they do a Sunday buffet which might just be the perfect opportunity to start Milo's curry education.

Even better, there were no date night arguments and we had an ace time. 

Now, here's a picture of Lucy's soup:

chickpea and tomato soup with chorizo and green chilli - Bill Granger, Delicious, February 2008 p68

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