Monday, 21 January 2013

bill granger's quick roast chicken with shallots and white wine

After a white weekend we enter the worst phase of British snow; the bastard-cold-but-mainly-grey-brown-slush. Not even a late afternoon blizzard-esque flurry managed to raise the mood, as it just turned into more grey slurry for me to cycle through on the way home. Thanks Blighty.

It doesn't feel like a salad night tonight, so we agree that the done thing would naturally be a roast dinner with as many roasted vegetables as we can muster. With added cheese. And illegal school-night wine:

Because Monday nights are no nights for three-hour roasts, the trick here is speed and Billy G's recipe, with it's quartered chicken, high heat and wine braise is the perfect ticket.

quick roast chicken with white wine and shallots - Bill Granger, Delicious March 2012, p57

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