Thursday, 17 January 2013

warm tuna and white bean salad

After last night's great-yet-ultimately-disappointing-tasting-because-after-a-fab-evening-on-the-Puligny-I-turned-down-a-steak-to-find-Ana-had-'cooked'-toast. For herself. Tonight, we're using up a bunch of lovely rocket in the fridge to bulk out a fab-discovery of Ana Louise - warm tuna and white bean salad.

Now, you'd be forgiven for thinking this actually is an experimental dish, but sadly it's not. Well it is, but it was experimental in December (or possibly November) when Ana first cooked it, but I've basically wiped her contribution off the face of the earth because it never happened. Look at that... oiseaux?

It's seriously good and hearty, and surprisingly it does beat out the imminent snow-storm engulfing the country. Particularly if you're drinking, and eating double portions. Delish.

Wine Time
Tuna and New World Pinot Noir love each-other. In fact if they would definitely need to get a room so the tuna could rub it's fins up and down the Pinot's thin, sexy skin - yowsa! However, the lemony-mustardy-dressing is quite acidic so let's hose the fish-and-pinot down with a cold shower, and get some lovely dry rose into the glass.

warm tuna and white bean salad - Delicious, October 2012, p27

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