Monday, 14 January 2013

thyme crumbed fish with turmeric potatoes

We've been busy this weekend: An excellent sleep-over at Kendra Kat's Kensington Kastle on Friday night, then a pretty bloody important work meeting at Rosslyn Park, which left me too tired for tea, and then we went for a hearty walk in the West Sussex countryside with Ed, Kate, Lolly and Fred. Glorious, and gloriously cold.

Given we're trying to eat a little earlier - and that's including Milo snuggling time - we've decided to revisit the crumbed fish thing we had ages ago, and already it's looking better than last time:

It not only looks better, it tastes so much better, and I think that's the addition of the thyme to the crumbs, and I think having the pan (and obvs it's a different pan compared to last time) very hot make all the difference: the fish is sweet and creamy, the crumbs are crunchy and herby, and the potatoes are pretty blinking good as well. Good parenting just-about kicks in and we leave Milo a fillet for dinner tomorrow.

Wine Time
Now this is an odd one because of the mix of flavours in what appears an otherwise simple dish: There's pungent thyme in the crumb, surrounding creamy fish, plus the salad dressing (the fig one) and the turmeric potatoes, which are pungent in a more antiseptic way.

Strangely though, it's the fish which holds the biggest sway here; it's sweet, fleshy and creamy, all of which leads me to a Chardonnay, and probably a New World unoaked one at that. It'll still have gone through malolactic fermentation, so you'll still get the buttery flavours you'd expect, and because the fruit will tend to the tropical end of the scale, it'll also be perfect foil for the other ingredients on the plate.

crumbed fish with thyme potatoes - Delicious, February 2010, p25

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