Monday, 28 January 2013

bill granger's crisp chicken, cavalo nero and parmesan roast potatoes

In sort-of preparation for going to Canada next month, and sort-of attempting to off-set my growing wine-fuelled-girth, I'm back on the running back from work tonight.

It's grim as grim can be, freezing rain, howling wind and the sudden unwelcome appearance of geriatric runners sailing along every time I wanted to stop/puke. Having taken *slightly* longer than planned, I'm not cocking around tonight.

Billy G's crispy chicken is one of the fastest recipes to turn around in my armoury, and has the added bonus that the potatoes can roast away whilst I'm warming up in the shower.

I don't know why, possibly because it doesn't use an awful lot of ingredients, or that the cavalo nero is bursting with iron, but this is one of those dishes you just feel a tiny-bit healthier eating. Apart from the parmesan roast potatoes.

wine time
Whilst few in number, what is on the plate is quite punchy; chilli, the zest and juice of a lemon, plus the dark cabbage. Chicken loves a chardonnay, but I think given the greenness of the leaves, and the mouthwatering lemon dressing, a Loire Sauvignon would probably nail this completely, with it's high acidity and herbaceous notes. Anybody fancy trying and letting me know?

crispy chicken, parmesan roast potatoes and cavalo nero - Bill Granger, Simply Bill, p38

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