Wednesday, 2 January 2013

the hairy bikers stuffed peppers

As some of you may know, stuffed peppers are the bane of my life: They look like they're going to be amazingly tasty - and generally they are, sort of - but they are the very acme of pfaffage. Hours are spent roasting, skinning, de-seeding, stuffing, re-roasting, and at the end of it all, all you can taste is feta.

Luckily tonight *somebody*, having spent most of December and November cooking for me, has ideas above her station and inspired by their new weight-loss bible is embarking on the good ship Getting Really Cocking Annoyed With Peppers. She won't make that mistake again.

As ever, the end result is pretty blinking tasty, with the obligatory feta getting a run for it's money with the crispy, museli-esque topping of sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, chopped and blanched hazelnuts (she really enjoyed that bit) and breadcrumbs. We will definitely be having it again, especially if Ana cooks it again.

Wine Time
Obviously we're on a mini-detox diet ahead of going to glorious Canada, so we won't be drinking during the week. But, if we were to be eating this again - maybe next week when our will has collapsed, I'd go with something like a Pinot Gris, a French Sauv or even a Riesling. It's the salty, pungent cheese you need to balance here, with some acidity for the salad dressing. Or maybe just several litres of refreshing, healthy water.

stuffed peppers - Dave Myers & Si King, The Hairy Dieters. I don't know what page.

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