Wednesday, 9 January 2013

heston blumenthal's pea and pancetta spaghetti

We're on a schedule tonight, a schedule helped by the fact it's an intermittent dieting day for one third of the household - dietary slack the other two thirds of Team Barnes are happy to pick up by the way.

Anyway, there's a three-part plan in action: Stage one, use up stuff in the fridge before it fossilizes, followed by Stage two, find a recipe that uses it all (or as much as possible) in as quick a time as possible, so I can action Stage three - watch the new episode of Midsomer Murders whilst Ana pines away in the corner, and develops nutritionally-deficient rickets.

Who's the winner? I'M the winner:

Before we go, I have a question: The new series of Midsomer, actually very good and better than the last few Nettles series? Discuss.

Wine Time
This one is an easy one: Salty bacon and parmesan, sweet peas and creamy pasta sauce. Hands up who wants a good, aromatic and crisp Pinot Grigio, and hands up who wants a light and fruity Beaujolais? Ahh you're both right, yay for you!

heston's pea & pancetta spaghetti - Waitrose Weekend, 16th September, p10

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