Friday, 4 January 2013

hot-smoked salmon (mackerel) burger. Again

It's amazing how quickly you can get back into a work routine. Second day after the holidays and already I've overslept massively (having spent the night snoring apparently), and arrived just-about within the parametres of 'on time'. Although to accomplish this feat I had to swap breakfast for showering, and I forget to pack my lunch and wallet. Still, if DT can fast, so can I!

Sadly left-over festive biscuits are no substitute for food, so I arrive home racked by cold and starving rather than healthily fasting, and looking forward to hearty meal of Hugh's mushroom ragout with soft polenta whilst Ana lives it up at the Cinema with Kendra. However, Ana's clearly off-set her day of fasting with urns of tea so there's no milk. Left-overs it is, this time with chips!

Wine Time
I think we did this yesterday - New World Sauv, so probably Kiwi or if you're on a budget Chile does an excellent range of varietals at probably half the price. If you're a bit bored of Sauv, go completely bonkers and get a Gewurztraminer (with or without the umlaut depending where it's from), which has all the crazy tropicality but with less acidity.

hot-smoked salmon burger with cucumber salad - Delicious, February 2010, p21

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