Sunday, 6 January 2013

sort of delia smith's paella


Christ, what is going on in our lives? I don't think I've ever eaten so many fish in such a short period of time, and tonight the shoals currently slipping down our gullets get a little boost with a hearty dose of prawns and some Milo-endorsed squid - featuring tentacles.

Obviously there were too many polpo parts in Ana's paella, but she was proud to partake of the predominantly prawn pieces.

Oddly this is the first time I've used Delia's version, despite it being in my oldest cookbook which Kayosaurus gave to me in the first couple of years of me taking her daughter off her hands. This is mainly because I'm addicted to the 2005 Delicious version, but it's pretty good, which is just as well as I seem to have misplaced the other one.

Wine Time
Paella is a great gutsy dish which can have a whole world of flavour combinations. When in doubt I stick to local wine matches, and if this had chicken in I'd be opting for a young Rioja - Jovan, Crianza or even new wave vintage - or a Tempranillo (same grape, just aged in oak, so it's fresher). This is more shellfish-based, so you could go with a white Rioja, which are quite on-trend currently, but I think the inclusion of the chorizo make it a great match for a bone dry rose; either a deep fuchsia Spanish Rosado or pale Provencal pink.

paella - Delia Smith, How to Cook Book Two, p106

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