Monday, 10 December 2012

vietnamese beef noodle soup

*False dawn alert* Oh look, I've updated the blog. Finally. Again. Although I've learned my lesson this time and I'm not promising anything about catching up with stuff between now and Christmas. Maybe after St Michaelmas day I'll get back on it, when everybody's given up the booze for January...

Anyhoo, tonight's super-soaraway update doesn't feature yet another amazing dish by Ana Louise, who's been parachuted in to feed the Barnes clan whilst I'm poncing about the City - although you've got plenty of those to come, don't worry Anagella fans! No tonight, we're rocking a zingy, easy-to-make, flavour-packed soup, that slaps any lurking cold and 'flu germs around the chops, and physically injects healthy good vibes into your system.

Naturally now she's a Masterchef, Ana has many opinions, the least of which she doesn't like the Thai basil in it. God, I wish she'd never learned.

Wine Time
Erm, it's ages since I've done this, so forgive me if I'm slightly out of practice, and as such I'm going to go either with a super-dry Riesling as it's full of the same racy lime flavours and acidity as the soup, with a great bite of minerality to give it some body.

vietnamese beef noodle soup - Waitrose Kitchen, Feburary 2012, p88

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