Friday, 31 May 2013

jill dupleix's lamb tagliata

There's no two ways about it, I'm in a foul, unemployment-based mood today. I spend most of the morning moaning and being obstreperous, and the afternoon under a morose black cloud, barely stringing two words together. This is obviously A Very Bad Thing, but it turns out to be considerably worse as not only is Kay in residence, but Brenda has bought Ben and Feebs up for the day. I'm a bad husband.

I do make lunch and dinner, a begrudging Jill Dupliex double-whammy of the new Yummington classic, Broad Bean Crostini for lunch, followed by a Kay-fave, Lamb Tagliata. Both prepared with the minimum grace and the surliest presentation... actually maybe I could be a Michelin starred chef after all!

Wine Time
I'm torn with the lamb; my head says it's rosemary salt-packed flavour and fatty quality, needs something similarly herbaceous and tannic, in which case I'd be looking for a Southern Rhone or Languedoc red. They have rich dark fruit flavours, with an edge of the garrigue - or herbs de provence - flavours from the surrounding vegetation. However, I also reckon a juicy Pinot Noir would also go down a storm, but choose one from France as they tend to be earthier than New World Pinots and you need that musty quality to snuggle up to the rosemary.

broad bean crostini with parmesan - Jill Dupleix, Delicious, May 2008, p82
lamb tagliata - Jill Dupleix, Delicious, October 2007, p138

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