Monday, 6 May 2013

BBQ at Helen and Guys, followed by Jill Dupleix's broad bean crostini with parmesan

Now we're talking Bank Holiday scorchers - 23 degrees, bring it on!

Naturally we kick off the hottest day of the year with some extreme exercise: Ana runs over Chiswick Bridge and back at high speed with Tina for an hour, and I crank out a better-than-last-time sunny 18K around Richmond Park. In fact I'm going so well I slightly lose track of time, only to be jolted out of it by an irate call from Ana pointing out I'm currently 20 minutes late for the BBQ at Helen and Guy's.

Luckily they are super laid back people, and with the advance party holding the fort before my arrival, everybody's happy playing in the sunshine. Apart from Guy, who's busy cremating sausages that even Milo won't eat. He's pretty good at a veggie kebabs though, and does a mean marinated lamb pitta. I have three.

However the problem with great hosting - if it can be even thought of as a 'problem' - is the fact you end up getting back later than planned, slightly heat struck, tired and with limited desire to cook dinner. Or even eat anything. Well, maybe something small?

Obviously spending a zen-like 25 minutes podding broad beans slightly changes matters, and we settle for the lovely Jilly Dupleix's small-but-perfectly-formed broad bean crostini. It's the taste sensation that's sweeping South West London!

broad bean crostini with parmesan - Jill Dupleix, Delicious, May 2008, p82

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