Tuesday, 14 May 2013

bill granger's curried chicken rice

It's funny how after one bad experience, you avoid a recipe like the plague, only to re-try it years later once the sense of shame has faded, and it inexplicably turns out to be marvellous. Not only that, it quickly becomes a much-trusted friend.

For similar reasons - hard rice - I've had issues with both risotto and Bill Granger's curried chicken rice, but somehow over the last year I seem to have finally managed to conquer my rice inadequacy*, and now they've become standards in the Barnes house.

Tonight it's the curried chicken rice, for no better reason than it's easy-peasy, I can't really be bothered to fanny about in the kitchen, and we've got some chicken legs I picked up on offer in the supermarket that need attention. Boom.

*However, if you ask my wife I definitely cannot cook rice. Interestingly this doesn't stop her eating it, or volunteering to cook it.

curried chicken rice - Bill Granger, Simply Bill, p21

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