Thursday, 9 May 2013

chorizo, pea and lemon cous cous

As anybody else noticed/bought those two foot long chorizo de leon sausages Unearthed make? They are definitely our chorizo of choice, and not just because they look like wizened pizzles in a bag: They're not as spicy as some, so perfect for small blonde people, the skin comes off really easily, and you get more sausage-y bangs for your buck.

We only use half for any particular recipes, which means we know we've got another chorizo-based banker in the fridge for the following week. Or, if we're being a bit uninspired and discover we haven't eaten as many tomatoes/drunk as much gin as we thought we would, we have exactly the same thing as last time:

Mrs White is quite correct, this would be a great side-salad for a BBQ. It doesn't wilt, it's got tomatoes in which are prerequisite for BBQ fayre, and you can bag up the remainder for lunch the next day.

All this from delicious Spanish donkey's cock - who said Europe was a bad thing? You couldn't do this with some gristle-and-grain bangers.

chorizo, pea and lemon cous cous - Delicious, October 2012, p28

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  1. You said pizzle, heh heh hehe. And I half a wizened donkey dang in my fridge which is crying out for some cous-cous..... Must add tomatoes to my market list for the weekend, they are SO much better than the hardened supermarket ones.