Thursday, 23 May 2013

magic bean soup

I think I must be losing my mind. Once again I've spent months searching high and low for a recipe I had spotted ages ago as a definite future experimental soup, only to be denied every time it came to shopping day. Tonight I thought the Gods were finally with me as not only did I stumble across it whilst looking for potential dinners for this weekend's Corfe Castle Camping Extravaganza, but we also had all the ingredients!

Ignore the name mind, you just need a can each of kidney and mixed beans - neither of which count as particularly 'magic', although the filling-yet-curiously-healthy soup is pretty close to magical. Although the half a baguette I stuffed down rather off-set any nascent feelings of 'diet'.

The only downside to this dish is, within minutes of making it I tidied up the kitchen, and all I now know for certain is the recipe is once again somewhere in a pile made up of five years of Delicious magazine. Sorry

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