Saturday, 18 May 2013

francesco mazzei's asparagus risotto

Out last night at a combined curry and Eurovision party no less, (yes Ana did win the sweep and yes, we did win the Eurovision quiz, thanks for asking), and planning to stuff ourselves with burgers tomorrow at the annual street party, tonight we're giving our taste buds - and livers - a leetle rest with another installment of Francesco Mazzei's asparagus risotto. And yes, we do have it with prosecco as per the recipe, well I did say leetle rest for our livers.

This time around I don't make the mistake of giving Milo any asparagus tips, just the rice and finely sliced stems, and we cross our fingers the prosecco works it's sleep-inducing magic on him, as he's massively, MASSIVELY over-excited about the party tomorrow, and is desperate to put up bunting.

Wine Time
No need to reinvent the wheel here, or at least I haven't drunk anything different since then that has changed my mind: Stick with a light Italian white with crisp acidity and some herbal notes, like a Soave or Gavi and you won't go wrong.

Actually scrub that, if you can find it a Roero Arneis from Piedmonte would be amazing, with it's balance of delicate floral fruits and salty, mineral qualities. Go find one and let me know what you think - I think it's my new favourite white.

asparagus risotto - Francesco Mazzei, Delicious, May 2013, p76

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