Thursday, 2 May 2013

peter gordon's fried halloumi, topped with chilli, hazelnuts, water chestnut, orange and sun-dried tomatoes

Times are a-changing chez Barnes this week as I now help the lovely Kendra Kats on a Thursday seeing how little Rafe (Raphe?) has appeared. Obviously I'm clearly top Manny material. Even better, if today is anything to go by we could have a swag-loads of new dishes surfacing here,  because once I returned from the nursery run, I pretty much spent the rest of the day emptying her fridge and filling her freezer. She is clearly the best employer I've ever had!

Back home however, I'm less-than-keen on cooking, and for some reason Ana thinks I owe her for last night's bulgar wheat stunt. I suspect as extra-punishment she's in the mood for her second dose of halloumi for the week. She'll start to squeak soon.

Sadly I was so incensed by her demands I forgot to take a picture. You know what it looks like by now though, surely? The spinachy one, with the cheese sticking out?

Those people out there interested in thrift/money saving tips/meekats might like to note that all the expensive ingredients will last two meals, worse luck. You need about half a jar of tomatoes, so that covers another meal, and I tend to marinate my chestnuts (matron!) in one go and then keep half in the fridge, ready for next time. I'm just saying.

fried halloumi topped with chilli, spinach, water chestnut, hazelnut, orange and sun-blushed tomato salad - Peter Gordon, Salads - The New Main Course, p65

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