Saturday, 4 May 2013

#GreatSummerOfBurgers Episode 2: turkey burgers

After last week's stunning debut (thanks Brenda!) we hit week two of the hep craze sweeping Mortlake at a smokey canter, with a BBQ-themed #GreatSummerOfBurger!

In attendance today at our smorgasbord of meat are: Green Do-Gooder Mrs Caroline Pitt and her evil husband JP, a man not only responsible for my recent 24 hangover after the Rosslyn Park Sevens, but also this. Also invited are Mr Milo Taliesin Barnes who is so desperate to light the coals he almost wets himself, and his mother Lady Barnes, who is glad he didn't.

On the menu today are two sorts of salad: A green salad, with avocado and cherry tomatoes and sprouts, and Ana's favourite Fino chorizo and tomato salad. We also have bratwursts with beery onions, which strangely enough, is my own recipe:

We all know why we're here though, BURGERS! I didn't mention it last time, but one of the 'rules' behind #GreatSummerOfBurger is it's an excuse to try as many different types of burger as possible.  Slightly controversially we're not having beef tonight, but turkey - oh yes!

They seem crazy, and within the context of this blog they are experimental, but these are old, pre-Milo friends for Ana and myself, and they're genius.

There are some strong flavours in the mix, including sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce, but what really rocks is the fact turkey makes such a moist burger. Word to the wise though, make 'em small otherwise they take ages to cook, and you run the risk of raw centres. I personally guarantee JP ate 15 of them, because he's an athlete.

Wine Time
Erm, lots of everything, plus beer. It worked for us.

turkey burgers - Delicious, around 2006-ish? It also appears in the January 2007 One Month Healthy Eating Plan supplement

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