Wednesday, 8 May 2013

heston's pea and pancetta spaghetti

I'm not sure why I bother having an Heston Blumenthal tag, seeing how I only ever cook one of his recipes. It's a good one mind; quick, simple and full of flavours, and perfect for nights like this when Ana's off being literary at one of her Book Clubs.

In fact the cooking time is really only the length of time it takes to boil the pasta; you can fry the onions and pancetta whilst the water boils, and then you nick some pasta water to mix up with the eggs and parmesan to make the sauce. Drain the pasta and mix it in the pan with the onions/pancetta, add the peas and sauce and let it sit for five minutes and Robert is your mother's brother.

This quick turn-around is particularly useful if you've found yourself inexplicably reading ten stories, having to snuggle, then having to go back to read some more stories, followed by more snuggling, and then a final story because somebody wasn't tired.

heston's pea & pancetta spaghetti - Waitrose Weekend, 16th September, p10

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