Sunday, 5 May 2013

crumbed fish with thyme potatoes and salad

Whilst the expected Bank Holiday scorcher didn't quite manage to put in an appearance today, it's plenty warm enough to lounge around in the sun, before taking a leisurely wander around the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park with Kendra, Brian, Finn and Rafe.

Little people get a packed lunch and ice cream, whilst adults make do with Pickle & Rye takeout: Torontos for all, except Ana who had a turkey club. With everything on the side.

I think it's a testament to how brilliant their food is that even Kendra, who is not one for convenience eating, is now thoroughly addicted and now visits her sister in Sheen more often than even before, purely as an excuse to pick up a sandwich and a flat white. If you live in SW London, you really should check them out...

Back at home everybody is a little jaded and tired, and a quick peruse down this week's menu reveals crispy fish as being the quickest/easiest thing to prepare, with the added bonus of the bin men coming in the next couple of days so we don't have to stink the house out with minky fish skin.

Due to availability issues on the fish counter in Richmond Waitrose, Milo has a cod loin and we get fillets, which should maximise the amount of good fishy oils in him. However, never underestimate the lure of crispy breadcrumbs and the consequent fish-to-crispy-bits ratio when dealing with small (ish) children. I think it'll be fillets all round next time.

This is becoming one of our go-to dishes, for all the reasons above, and also because it's unexpectedly filling. I don't think the thyme-crumbed potatoes work as well as Bill Granger's turmeric potatoes, and obviously you can do what you want with the salad, but it's a solidly satisfying dinner, with an added soupcon of healthiness.

thyme-crumbed fish - Delicious, February 2010, p25

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