Wednesday, 15 May 2013

silvana franco's pan-fried broccoli with chorizo, new potato and egg

One of the best things to come out of the whole unemployment thing is the opportunity it gives us to try and all eat together in the evenings.

Outside of enjoyment factor of sitting down as a family, it's got several knock-on benefits namely the TV isn't on whilst Milo's eating, which assuages our middle class paranoia, and we get try new foods on him because as we're eating it, he's generally more receptive to trying stuff. I know we're generally lucky with his eating habits, but it's always nice to keep pushing his culinary boundaries. He might not always like it mind, but at least we know we can fall back on fish fingers/pizza/pasta rather than those being the alpha and omega of his diet.

Tonight's installment relies on the fact we know he likes chorizo, boiled eggs, tomatoes and broccoli, so even allowing for the red wine vinegar-based dressing, this filling summer salad combo by Silvana Franco shouldn't be too challenging:

However, you should never underestimate your child's ability to make you a liar. The egg isn't 'dippy' enough, he's got too many potatoes and he's now decided he doesn't like broccoli. The chorizo is okay though...

In the end we reach a compromise: He likes the broccoli heads but not the stalks, I take one of his potatoes, and if there's ice cream for pudding, the rest turns out to be surprisingly edible.

Wine Time
I think chorizo is one of those ingredients that you can't really go wrong with in terms of matching, as it'll happily accompany most lighter styles of wine. Rosé is obviously a classic, but a lovely crispy, minerally Gavi or a young, fruity Spanish red with low tannins will all go down a treat with this dish.

pan-fried broccoli with chorizo, new potatoes and eggs - Silvana Franco, Delicious, June 2011, p22

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