Tuesday, 7 May 2013

jill dupleix's lamb tagliata

I can't believe we haven't had Jilly D's magic lamb tagliata for over a year? Not that my updating/this blog is in anyway an accurate historical record of course...

Anyway, having made my debut at Twickenham Job Centre Plus this morning, this afternoon is spent in much more jolly circumstances - meeting up with fellow dole bludger and AOL refugee, Miss Jessica Lewis, for riverside job seekers coffees at Tide Tables. She trumps me however, having spent the last five months swanning around Key-nya. The coffee's not bad btw, the wraps look amazing, but the queue is dire.

Monkey is on good form when I pick him up so we have an extensive scamper in the park, and by the time we get back Ana is also home, so we decide to all eat together: Milo has a smorgasbord of nibbles and cheese sandwiches, and we get lamb:

It's quite a punchy recipe what with the rocket, rosemary salt and lamb, so we've never really tried giving it to Milo, but having filched forkfuls from both our plates, he's definitely having some next time.

He likes cherry tomatoes AND lamb (kebab, roast & minced) anyway, but what I think piques his interest is that he gets to help cook it; He harvested and helped chop the rosemary, and squished the tomatoes. I suppose like all of us, once he's invested effort in a thing he likes to enjoy some of the end product. Time will tell whether I believe him about liking rocket though.

Wine Time
This is a pungent and meaty salad, with a hit of acidity from the tomatoes, so you'll be looking for something that's got enough texture to stand up to the meat, but that's not so big as to overwhelm the herbs and peppery leaves. I'd be tempted to look at a Greek red, after all their whole cuisine seems to be rosemary and lamb-based, but if we're thinking availability a young, fresh Aussie Shiraz would be bang on.

You don't want a jammy number, but one full of fresh, dark fruit, and a lovely peppery finish that will complement both the salad and the rosemary. Try Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz-Cab blend which is available in most supermarkets/offies.

lamb tagliata - Jill Dupleix, Delicious, October 2007, p138

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