Thursday, 30 May 2013

nasi goreng

We're rather betwixt and between things at the moment: We're all still slightly catching up after a long weekend under canvas, the house is still full of strange piles of damp and steaming tent, and nobody can be bothered to go to the supermarket as the weekend is only a couple of days away.

Luckily Kay has come up for a couple of days which galvanises into some sort of action, at least where the tent and sorting out the garden is concerned. The shopping is still somewhat elusive though, so once again we fall back on the cupboards for sustenance.

For a while it's a looking a bit grim, (cannellini bean, pasta and tomato puree anybody?) but things are hastily turned around with the discovery of a packet of prawns in the freezer. Bung in the last of the rapidly-fading veg from the fridge, smother it in soy sauce and Bajan yellow chilli sauce, and hide it all under an egg, and voila - Nasi Goreng!

Wine Time
Did you know over the past decade or so the biggest market for Moscato D'Asti is South East Asia? Bonkers I know, but grab a bottle and try it with this sour and spicy concoction and it'll make total sense. The light fizz, floral notes and off-dry touch of sweetness all combine perfectly with Asian food.

nasi goreng with fried egg - Waitrose Kitchen - January 2012, p86

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