Saturday, 11 May 2013

#GreatSummerOfBurgers Episode 3: silvana franco's spiced cannellini and cous cous burgers

Yay! #GreatSummerOfBurger is back, and not before time - it is the weekend after all! I know we're supposed to be trying new sorts of burgers each week, but for some reason our cupboards are currently awash with cannellini beans. How does this happen? I mean, we're fairly organised with weekly shopping lists, and even allowing for occasional nights going off-menu, I can't believe we've missed that many cannellini-based meals.

At least this time we actually make the patties with cous cous, and not only that they get a good few hours in the fridge to firm up. I think the cous cous/bulgar wheat swap is fairly moot as the flavours tend to come from the stock and spices, but the extra couple of hours in the fridge does make them infinitely easier to cook as they don't fall apart so easily. Top tip there.

spiced cannellini and cous cous burgers - Silvana Franco, Delicious, now the Parsley Book

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