Sunday, 2 June 2013

jill dupliex's white bean polpettine

For athletes, we're very hungover. Yesterday not only was there the first installment of Lions Club to contend with (take that BaaBaas!), we followed it up with a Giraffe class lunch at our neighbours, Nick and Serena's.

Now the thing here is other than being lovely people in their own right, Nick is also the Nick Bell, former chef at Lanesborough and Bocca di Lupo. Having done my homework using scraps of information he's dropped at various PTA things here and there, I'm secretly very excited, and the table heaving full of rustic Italian fare did not disappoint, even if my memory has been somewhat blunted by lager.

Still today we're in recovery mode, and with Milo full from a birthday party, we opt for something light and quick. Do Poplettine count as 'burgers'? Despite being very similar to Silvana Franco's genius spiced cannellini and cous cous burgers we decide not, although I imagine if I made two massive patties rather than the smaller balls, they might just edge into the universal set of burgers. Anyway, as ever they are aces, although a conversation with Brenda reveals the Delicious version I cook, with salami in, is different to her recipe in Jilly D's book Delicious culled it from. I know, I'm sad.

white bean polpettine - Jilly D, the Parsley Book

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