Wednesday, 12 June 2013

hugh fearnley-whittingstall's white beans with artichokes

Last night I was eating leftover burgers and panzanalla from lunchboxes in the fridge whilst Milo refused to go to bed and my erstwhile wives were living it up eating foraged nettle ricotta (hopefully the nettles were foraged, rather than the cheese) at The Shed in Notting Hill, hence the lack of updates.

Today I repeated the trick with Claire's left-over roasted veg, asparagus and quinoa salad for lunch, and by tea-time I'm regretting this commitment to thrift. There are only two upsides to my increased methane output:
1. Most of this evening's run around Kew with Al was jet-propelled. Whilst not recording any personal best, I could at least keep up with the long-legged lug, thanks to quinoa power.
2. Whilst I'm out de-gassing, Ana is forced into the kitchen as she's starving.

Faced with cooking an experimental Delia salad she doesn't want to eat anyway, she takes the path of least resistance and uses up the artichokes in the fridge with a second installment of Hugh's white bean salad. Not only that, she fails to burn the garlic like I do, every time.

I suppose this could technically count as 'left over', because one of the benefits of our new tryingnottoeatasmanyportionspernight fat person diet is we actually do have left-over ingredients. Not only does this mean we're not stuffing as much into our ravening maws of an evening, but you've also got half a meal ready for next week, saving money as well as weight. Sort of.

Wine Time
Roasted artichoke is a bugger to match, but I learned a top tip from one of the restaurants I used to deal with which whilst not 100% accurate, is a pretty good rule of thumb: Think of it in the same terms as that other odd-and-pungent veg, the asparagus. In this case, a really green rather than tropical Sauv should would work a treat, with a big wodge of acidity to counter the oily dressing and powdery cannellini beans.

white beans with artichokes - River Cottage Veg Everyday! HFW, p 240

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